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Personal Protection Specialists

The Peeler Group is a New York based business that provides Personal Protective Service on both a domestic and international basis.
Everyone's needs are different; as a result of our individualized assessment of your needs, services are tailored to overcome these diversities. TPG agents may be placed in your service on a permanent, temporary, or per diem basis, in any social environment.
The men and woman that provide our services are certified professionals that have protected celebrities, business, religious and government leaders at all levels.
We provide services to every situation you find in daily life: travel, estate, personal appearances, social gatherings, increased threat, or daily risks you encounter because of who you are, we are at the ready with the solutions you require.
Please consult without us today, so we can be their to protect tomorrow:

Ok, you're not a celebrity, in fact you feel yourself to be a pretty low profile person, so why would you need someone else to protect you... besides you are a self made person who has determined your own success and will determine your own destiny, or will you?

Many of the people that come to us do so as the result of an incident that was happenstance, and not because they were a high profile target.

The Peeler Group will assist you in determining the Risks to your daily security and those times where you find yourself in special circumstances due to publicity, travel or other situation.

Allow us to ensure your personal safety, and that of your family's, contact us today.


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