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Our Abilities

"Beyond the skies there is more sky; beyond one person there are others as well..."

The Peeler Group enables it's people with the tools and support staff that allows them to complete each and every mission successfully, each and every time.

Access Control

Regardless if it is controlling access to a property, facility or a posted location, our officers have the knowledge of methods to prevent or stop unauthorized entries from occurring.

Greeter and Entrance Services
Presence and Uniform Appearance
Control & Technology Inspections
Knowledge of Client Policy & Post Orders
Proper Public Relations in Communicating Restrictions

Vulnerability Reduction

Acting within the guides of Policy & Orders
Threat Reduction
Effectively Communicating to Dissuade Intrusion
Ability to Establish Crowd Control
Understanding & Acting through Laws Related to Prevention, Detention & Arrest

Grant, Deny or Delay - Controlled Access

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Customer Service

Security Officers are many times the first introduction to and reflection of a business. The Peeler Group recognizes this and reacts to this fact first by providing impeccable uniform appearance that projects a professional image.

Our officers are trained in verbal communication skills that assist them in providing the best customer service they can, secondly they are instructed in ethical standards and practices that is not a goal of our company, but a requirement.

Often times officers are required to instruct people that are acting in a negative manner, in these instances officers are instructed in how to deal with these personalities in a Fair, Firm and Formal manner to gain voluntary compliance to the policies and laws guiding behavior at your location.

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Emergency Response
Emergency Response


Training in the response to emergencies is continual for the security officer, and is constantly improved upon and enhanced by The Peeler Group.

Our officers are trained and capable of responding to:
Bomb Threats
Chemical Incidents

Medical Emergencies
Workplace Violence Incidents
Criminal Acts
Natural Disasters

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Localized monitoring of operational, access and C.C.T.V. systems is accomplished through trained officers.

Our officers are trained in appropriate customer service communications, situational response and specialized dispatching to ensure safe and rapid response to incidents and inquires at your location.

Additional cross benefits may be realized through use of the command and monitoring center as a reception point for incoming telephone calls and other customer service related services.

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Bike & Cart Patrol
Rapid response and random patrol while remaining accessible to the public is easily accomplished through our bike & cart patrol services.

Foot Patrol
Allows officers to interact with employees and visitors to the location and to uncover threats to the security and safety of your site before they arise.

Vehicular Patrol
Our clearly marked security patrol vehicles are an excellent visual preventive tool. Additional attributes of the vehicle patrol service include the easily accessible equipment they carry for medical and tactical response.

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Detailed, Instant, Retrievable and Accountable, four words that describes The Peeler Group's electronic client reporting system.

Our reporting system is streamlined for officers to quickly document important details to our clients and that allows the officer to spend more time in the performance of their other duties.

Written Documentation
Daily Activity
Patrol Logging
Incident Reporting
Safety & Security Deficiencies
Medical & Accident Reporting
Violation Tracking
Parking Authorization
Access Control
Clery Reporting

Electronic Accessibility
Internet Connect ability to All Reports Instantly
Scheduled Reporting for Incidents of Concern
Secured Storage and Retrieving
Archived Retention

Cost Analysis
Liability Reduction
Reduction in Insurance Costs with Accountability
Operational & Management Analysis
Clery Statistics

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Our officers are trained and focused in providing a safe environment.

We have developed a deficiency reporting system to enhance the clients proactive measures to prevent incidents before they occur or reduce the impact incidents may have on the clients operations and enhance response to emergencies.

We will work with your safety team to determine how we may best assist you in reporting deficient areas.

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The Peeler Group continually strives to improve its technology to enhance the overall security of our clients. Accountability, Efficiency and Accuracy are key to this goal.

Peeler Reporting System
Our web based reporting system allows our management team and clients to monitor situations and activities on the protected site via our secured server.

Accountability of officer actions and activities is just one of the approaches to properly managed personnel. The (P.R.S.) Peeler Reporting System allows for immediate reaction to situations before they become a restriction or liability to your business all while reducing the cost of manual reporting systems.

Reading hundreds of entries is not required of the client with our pointed summaries that provides information that is important to you. The system also highlights events and the awareness of each officer working your location through our main screen summary of Banned Individuals with Photographs, Pass On Information or BOLO Screen and recent incidents that requires additional awareness of the officers or follow-up.

Time and Attendance - Accountability
Officers arrive to there assigned location and telephone our toll free attendance line that records the officers time of arrival, site & post location and verification of the telephone number they are dialing from. The same is recorded when the officer departs the site for the day.

Immediate alerts are sent to supervision for any missed call ins based on the entered schedule of each location. This assures coverage of each location when and where we promised.

Taking it to the next level we have interfaced our attendance line with our billing system to provide accurate accountability of hours charged to the client. This insures our clients they are billed for only the hours worked. Managers are required to audit these entries for any errors in reporting billable hours.

Patrol Reporting
The officers patrol system records all locations visited by the officer at any given location and may be used for multiple locations via the electronic wand. Each wand may literally record patrol movements in a secure tamper proof manner.

Each unit is downloaded to The Peeler Group network via the supervisors mobile docking station for review. Each supervisor will review any missed stations with each officer individually when correction is needed.

Final recorded data of all patrols are archived and may be provided to the client in PDF report forms. Reports may also be provided to insurance providers for credits offered by your carrier.

To assure continual training opportunities for our officers The Peeler Group has embraced a web based training system that provides a number of self study modules with testing for comprehension and retention.

In addition to training offered we also track training that has been completed satisfactorily by each officer. This also allows us to match skill sets with the needs of each client individually.

Communication from the field to supervision, command and executive levels is provided through a number of venues, including electronic mail, instant messaging, two-way radio & repeater systems as well as Nextel communications where available.

Officers are afforded every opportunity available in answering questions that supports there mission without delay.

Allowing remote command of electronic systems The Peeler Group offers clients an affordable means of providing command and control through our central station in real time. In addition to monitoring systems the central command may direct dispatching of officers at any location worldwide.

Other benefits of the central command includes live monitoring of officers activities through the patrol system and G.P.S. tracking systems for mobile patrols.

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