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Performance Based - Best Practices Contractual Services

The Peeler Group offers streamlined contracts on long and short term basis. We have worked diligently to ease the transition into our services regardless if you have used a security provider, or come from a proprietary situation, or no previous service at all.
Our contract standards are based on "Best Practices" or "Performance Based Services" at a competitive price. The "Low Bid" concept of contracting provides low end results; quantity services are ineffective and are more costly in the final analysis for the client.
Partnering with Each and Every Client
We are driven to be a partner that enhances your business by continually enhancing our services and abilities.
What TPG Brings to You:

Integrity - We build trusting relationships with our clients and our employees

Responsiveness - Our management team is responsive to your needs and provides you with an executive level contact for all of your urgent needs. You are placed in direct contact with a manager and not just a call center, 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

Reliability - Our record of fulfilling 99.99% of all the hours requested by our clients is backed by their references.

Too often contractual companies are providing personnel that are substandard; poor uniform appearance, little to no training and a distant management structure that is concerned with billed hours and not security. Filling the position, is just window dressing, and window dressing does not provide security and safety to your personnel and facilities.
It is your assets that are protected and therefore you have a stake in how we operate, making this an important partnership for both us.
In our partnership we provide full disclosure of salaries, benefits and other cost related factors in maintaining the staffing that you expect and the quality we promise.
How the Transition Works

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  • Fast, Easy Transition to Protecting your Interest

  • Our service specialist will meet with you to recommend the services that will best fit your needs.

  • An agreement will be offered based on the agreed services. A schedule will be established for placement of services.

  • A review of your Risks Assessment will be completed or the specialist will provide a schedule for The Peeler Group to complete a Risk Assessment. Additions or detraction may be made regarding the services previously recommended at this time.

  • The service specialist will work with your team to establish what your protocols will be for the services provided. Basic procedures are provided to our personnel through our handbooks, however we will customize the post orders to your needs and requirements.

  • The specialist will discuss any special requests you may have with regard to officers assigned, these may include special circumstances that would require male or female assignments, specialized training or the ability to speak additional languages.

  • All procedures and requirements will be added to your agreement as Addendum to the Contract.

  • The assignment of technology and personnel will begin. Our specialist will work with you in explanation of our systems that are available to you through your selected services.


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